29 December 2009

birds don't nap, do they..

27 December 2009

fujiyama mama

is wanda jackson as awesome in 2009 as she was in 1961?

i'll give you a hint: the answer is hell to the yes.

21 December 2009

for my brother's christmas present, i decided to customize a cycling hat.
(this is not my brother, this is my cat acting as a model.)

i drew his name in old tattoo letters
(because he has a tattoo, you see)
and then traced it with a sharpie pen so i could see it enough to sew but not so much that it would show through the stitching
then i started sewing
then it was done!!
and it looks awesome, even on me.

20 December 2009

trendspotting: walmart.

my fashion prediction for 2010:

coonskin hats.

19 December 2009

big papa

one of these is my father.
one is wilford brimley.
one is a walrus.
one is a persian cat.
one is ron swanson from parks and recreation.

but the question is: which is which.

18 December 2009

new morning

started a new blog.
you can look at the old one here but before too long there won't be anything left.

keep your eyes peeled for new stuff. hope you like all the changes!!