29 December 2010


a photo of one of your classes.

i miss school.

22 December 2010

christmas must be tonight

fat ass arms

i'm sort of a grump about the holidays, but i'm excited to see true grit(!) with my dad and watch my nephews open presents and have some time off from work. i don't listen to a lot of christmas music but this song gets to me every time.

merry christmas n stuff!

20 December 2010

my generation

a photo of you and someone you love.
surprise, surprise. i have a heart and i do love my momma. mostly because [especially for a mom] she has exceptional taste in music. apparently i also look exactly like her.

14 December 2010

i saved latin.

a photo of your favorite film (rushmore).

most of my senior year looked like this.

10 December 2010


baby elizabeth

09 December 2010

family tree

a photo of your family.

i like my family because everything is a big loud fun production. and i like them because they make cute babies and they all love cadbury mini eggs and we all mostly get along (which is especially impressive considering the age gap between them and me). i like them not because i have to but because i sincerely do adore them. but don't tell them i said that.
i'm listening to this today.

08 December 2010

looks like i'm up shit creek again.

yesterday was tom waits' birthday and i totally forgot. fortunately though i remembered today so here is a photo of my favorite musician. who happens to be..

tom waits! but since i didn't take that photo (duh), here is another favorite, the futureheads
also, one month from today is my very first ART SHOW at the sugar space!! keep checking back for more details and be sure to look at my facebook page for updates too. i hope to see all 7 of you there!!

02 December 2010

a photo of someone you love.