31 August 2011

conversations i hate, part 1.

person i kind of know: you're so funny! say something funny!
me: uh.. um.. uh.. nothing. shit. see you later.

i think it's time

for me to get a black flag tattoo.

30 August 2011

8 months

i've been dating ty for 8 months today. not a super big milestone, but i'm glad i've had him around for this long so far. in so many ways we are polar opposites but in a million other ways he is the best thing. he showed me how awesome baseball is and i showed him that just because a movie has subtitles it might still be worth watching. we both love chinese food and party down and more than cuddling we like to try out new ufc moves. he's patient with a lot of my crazy and i think for two super young people in a still-developing relationship we're doing pretty great. here's hoping that in another 8 months i'm still gaga and that my hair will be waaaay long.

29 August 2011

excuse me while i go watch every episode of the franchise

28 August 2011

lazy sunday

wild storm tonight & i left my window open :(
i want every night to be rainy & cold. maybe i'll move to england.

i'm a loner, dottie..

a rebel.

27 August 2011

umm sign me up

somebody buy me these


two years ago i was starting my first week of college.
one year ago i only had one tattoo.
today i decided lil wayne is pretty awesome.

26 August 2011

i'm madly in love with you, and it's not because of your brains or your personality. it's because you're beautiful.

24 August 2011

i'm way over summer

i just want hot coffee and sweaters and to not sweat off my make up before i even get to work.
but summer is the only time i can listen to this killer jam so it's not 100% bad. but it is 100 degrees and i hate it.

23 August 2011

ty & i watched monster quest tonight about mutant dogs that eat normal dogs and horses, and then on my drive home i saw a deer with its guts all over highland drive. guess where you just don't find deer normally? highland drive. it's gotta be mutant dog ghosts.

more than anything in the world i hate leaving that boy.

22 August 2011

easy to love

i can't get enough of this jam. i had the pleasure of meeting these dudes the other night and they are not only wonderfully talented but so very handsome and super gracious about a gushing venue employee. this is one of the sweetest songs.

20 August 2011


partying sounds exhausting.

as for the clouds

just let them roll away

this song tears my shit up.

18 August 2011

i hate everybody. or at least i think i do, and then sarah says this:

and then i think i'm happy there are some fools i haven't completely alienated.
what i wouldn't give to be in the middle of this

17 August 2011

every time i have a bowl of cereal, without fail, this happens.

tonight's jams:
chinese rock / the ramones
the party / justice & uffie

quit telling me to get a tumblr.

i won't do it, man.

mrs ballard's parrots

in the late 1960s, long island housewife alba ballard began to sew little outfits for her many pet parrots. in 2005 these photos were published into a book and i want it.

i'm thinking of doing this with natasha.

16 August 2011

no make up + a snuggie. i have no idea how i got a boyfriend.

some days i hate everything.

my 2nd favorite tyler

i need to

but instead i'm waxing my armpits and doing a honey treatment on my face.
i just wanna be prettyyyy

15 August 2011

these are outside red butte garden.
i start my new job today. i'm nervouss :/ i hope it's awesome and that i can buy an iphone.


tyler told me i'm his first white girl.
how's my pasty ass treating you..

my hair is getting so long.

it hasn't been like this since i was 15.
i can't wait for my elvis tattoo.

ma belle

14 August 2011

storm's a brewin

this is my jam tonight.

i don't know which version i love more.

what time is it

time for more coffee.
watching legally blonde. i need to clean my apartment. my roommate would be so jazzed.
i want a persian cat and an apartment with a view of the salt lake valley.
and more tattoos.

13 August 2011

all i ever want to do is watch how i met your mother and drink coffee.
and look like heidi klum.
elvis is my main dude.
actually went out last night. people were way excited to see me. that's a good feeling.

11 August 2011


i super love this boy.

and i got to meet this boy (!!) who i have loved for years. and got a little smooch. not a bad night.

something about the summer

got gelato with my old friend nichole last night, ended up going for a nice little walk :)
sometimes i don't hate people so much. and i always love salt lake.

listening to this and this

10 August 2011


he was the best beatle.

this is a droplet of tequila, dried and placed under a microscope. what you see are the crystalized carbohydrates that have become sugars and glucose.

05 August 2011

charlie chow's.

soundtrack: johnny thunders (my pick) and mr sinatra (ty's pick)