26 September 2011

father & daughter

tomorrow is my dad's birthday. some of my only good qualities (partial to dark chocolate, creedence clearwater revival, and cowboy boots) come from this guy. he's had a mustache as long as i can remember and makes the best jokes and he's one of the only people in the world who can bring me down from an emotional rampage. as far as dads go he's done a pretty good job living with a late-teenage-turned-early-20s daughter storming around the house. he tells me my outfit is fine and that boy was too dumb for me anyway and there's nothing i can do about [insert any freak out here] right now so just cool it. in a time of life where everything feels uncertain and it's easy to get overwhelmed, it's nice to know he's always there to tell me 'you'll be fine' and that somehow, when he says it, it's true. happy birthday to a pretty sweet dad and definitely the best roommate i've ever had. :)

23 September 2011

i'm so grumpy today!!

22 September 2011

this is more or less all i listened to my junior year of high school. still so good.

21 September 2011

old soul

this is me eating a pint of ice cream and and wearing an old lady's kaftan. what you can't see is the cat on my lap. so what i'm telling you is i would have made a fabulous housewife in the mid 1960's.
me: it's so cold in my office this is the worst!
ty: i love you soooo much.
me: aw that was out of the blue!
ty: i'm warming you up!

ughhhhhh why is he the cutest ever i just want to put him in a pizza

20 September 2011


me: i just swallowed a handful of ibuprofen and then threw up a little bit in my mouth if you want to know how my day is going.
joey: i just smoked hookah with 5 dudes from saudi arabia if you want to know how my day is going.

19 September 2011

ivan & alyosha

this was not a bad way to spend a monday night.

don't think twice


18 September 2011

17 September 2011

i hate when my sister leaves town but it means i get to hang out with this guy all weekend!!

16 September 2011

advanced style

i am secretly an old lady and i can't WAIT to look like elaine stitch and act exactly like her character on 30 rock.

15 September 2011

14 September 2011

fell down the stairs

got a sweet new cleanser at a spa in park city and it makes me feel like a fancy grown up. it also requires me to hang out while it sits for 15 minutes every night which is a nice chance to wind down from the day, especially tonight when i ate trash on tyler's stairs :(

i really do.
expensive things my cat has ruined:

1 computer cord
1 ipod cable
6 sets of headphones
1 phone charger
1 speaker auxiliary cable

is this what parents of wayward children who steal their moneyfeel like?

13 September 2011

07 September 2011

oh sure

just hang out wherever you want, my clean laundry is definitely not off limits.

george & bob

1969, bob dylan & george harrison playing tennis on the isle of wight

06 September 2011

thanks for being so synchronized with your status updates, teams!
and thanks for winning. if the royals lost to the a's i'd probably have just killed myself.

05 September 2011

my friend maddie painted this cigar box for me:
and i'm obsessed with it. she makes other stuff you can see here and you can listen to my favorite old lady jams here and then we can talk about how excited i am that autumn is on its way.
somebody take me shopping & don't let me buy any more stripes or plaid.

it's labor day

and i slept through a text from my sister asking if i wanted to come see her new kitty and a text from an old friend asking if i wanted to do lunch, so instead of feeling like i caught up on sleep, i'm just way grumpy.

04 September 2011

01 September 2011

things that are way stupid: not being able to road trip with the roomie & see my uncle, do some shopping, and have a little vacation in rexburg because i'm too nice to quit my old job.

things that are way awesome: telling successful jokes.
i love this lazy cat.
been watching life of brian and thinking about cutting off all my hair again.