20 October 2011

18 October 2011

this dude stole my heart away from the rest of the world

17 October 2011

am i that useless that when i restock the fridge at work, not one but two people think it's necessary to tell me "good job"?

so ready to be done with today.

bad as me

i love this dude.

don't let your boys grow up to be cowboys

last night i got the first season of deadwood (and the first season of justified) which means i am in for lots of shootin' and swearin' and drinkin' and sooo much timothy olyphant.

15 October 2011

diamonds diamonds

♥ ♥
pretty bummed i only recently discovered rossif sutherland exists.


have i mentioned how much i love that boy

13 October 2011

12 October 2011

glow in the dark

11 October 2011


i think i'm about ready to crawl back into bed for 11 days.

10 October 2011

this is what it looks like when i kiss my boyfriend.

i think you have my stapler

they say to my co-worker (with the same job): "we need to get you some business cards!"
they say to me: "can you make a sign up sheet for the pot luck next week?"

i wonder what it feels like to be taken seriously.

09 October 2011

every day i try to look like this.

07 October 2011

06 October 2011

gloomy weather, gloomy tracks. my favorite.

01 October 2011