21 February 2010

cat fact

in 1894, a cat named tibbles killed all the wrens on stephens island, new zealand.

unfortunately, they were the last of their species, xenicus lyalli.

that makes tibbles the only individual in recorded history to wipe out an entire species singlehanded.

17 February 2010

werewolf bar mitzvah

what was awesome about the wolfman?

this dude's facial hair:

and these two:

(but mostly this guy)

what was not awesome about the wolfman?
pretty much everything else.

16 February 2010

14 February 2010

love is all

these are all the valentines i made for my homies:

happy anna howard shaw day!

12 February 2010


check out this nasty bruise on my knee:

i have no idea where i got it.

10 February 2010