21 January 2010

marry song

there are few people in the world who i adore but can simultaneously drive me crazy like my sister emily. for as long as i can remember she has been mom #2 for me, always concerned with what i'm up to and always offering insight as to what she thinks i should be up to. that said, she also always wants to hang out with me and genuinely wants me to be happy. so awesome.
now emily is getting married, to a guy who loves her more than anything and who gave me a deep appreciation for rap. i'm super pumped to have a brother-in-law, especially since aaron & i are pretty tight already. but i can't shake the feeling that my relationship with emily is about to change substantially.
as much as sometimes i act like i want to pop her head off, i don't know what i would do if i didn't have emily always telling me what she thinks about my life. and i don't know what i would do without frequent sleepovers at her house, which usually amount to watching hours of TLC and snuggling in her ultra comfortable bed. but soon enough she will have her own house and her own bed (that she shares WITH A BOY), her own babies to mother, and i imagine that one day i will be grown up enough to not need a mom #2.
but for now it's a bittersweet change. i couldn't be happier for emily (and she couldn't be more adorable about the whole thing. read her cute cute little blog post.) and i super love aaron. but it's just a reminder that people grow up and relationships change. which is ok. i just hope that even years from now when we're all married with babies and real jobs and houses that emily will still make time to be my other mother.

but also, seriously look how cute these two are:


Jayne said...

Just lovely.

k8 said...

i KNEW you liked your overbearing siblings.

elizabeth said...

no just emily

Megan said...

I liked this post. I wish Emily was my mother #2.