30 August 2011

8 months

i've been dating ty for 8 months today. not a super big milestone, but i'm glad i've had him around for this long so far. in so many ways we are polar opposites but in a million other ways he is the best thing. he showed me how awesome baseball is and i showed him that just because a movie has subtitles it might still be worth watching. we both love chinese food and party down and more than cuddling we like to try out new ufc moves. he's patient with a lot of my crazy and i think for two super young people in a still-developing relationship we're doing pretty great. here's hoping that in another 8 months i'm still gaga and that my hair will be waaaay long.

1 comment:

Jayne said...

Too bad that photo happened before he had the chopsticks in his nose! That would have made it more funny. Although this way is pretty good. Congrats on the milestone.