26 September 2011

father & daughter

tomorrow is my dad's birthday. some of my only good qualities (partial to dark chocolate, creedence clearwater revival, and cowboy boots) come from this guy. he's had a mustache as long as i can remember and makes the best jokes and he's one of the only people in the world who can bring me down from an emotional rampage. as far as dads go he's done a pretty good job living with a late-teenage-turned-early-20s daughter storming around the house. he tells me my outfit is fine and that boy was too dumb for me anyway and there's nothing i can do about [insert any freak out here] right now so just cool it. in a time of life where everything feels uncertain and it's easy to get overwhelmed, it's nice to know he's always there to tell me 'you'll be fine' and that somehow, when he says it, it's true. happy birthday to a pretty sweet dad and definitely the best roommate i've ever had. :)

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